Matthew Perry’s Autopsy: Ketamine Overdose and Drowning

The latest scoop on Matthew Perry’s passing tells us more about what went down. The autopsy report, fresh out from the Los Angeles Medical Examiner’s Office, says he died because of a big dose of ketamine and drowning afterward. This report, dropped on a Friday, mentions that Perry had ketamine in his system, which usually helps with depression and anxiety.

What Happened Exactly?

Perry, who 54, found facedown in his home’s pool in Pacific Palisades on October 28. At first, officials said there was no foul play. They mentioned he discover knocked out in a standalone hot tub by the LA Fire Department.

The autopsy spilled the beans that Perry was getting ketamine treatment for his depression and anxiety. But the levels found in his blood after he died were super high, causing serious heart and breathing problems, according to the report.

Cracking Ketamine and Its Effects

Ketamine isn’t just a hospital anesthetic; it’s also known for making you feel disconnected from your body and giving you short-term hallucinations. It turned up in Perry’s blood way more than it should have after his last therapy session, hinting he might have been using it outside of treatment.

Step by Step

The summary of the autopsy report revealed Perry’s assistant found him unresponsive in the pool after coming back from errands. The assistant got him sitting up and called for help. They figured drowning was part of why he died, likely happening when he lost consciousness.

Doc Talk

Experts aren’t completely sure how dangerous the ketamine levels were in Perry’s system. Dr. Ed Boyer pointed out the crazy high levels, hinting Perry might’ve been using it more than he should have, even outside therapy.

Dr. Victor Weedn mentioned how differently people react to ketamine and how it messes with breathing, which could’ve been fatal in this case.

Perry’s State Before His Passing

Matthew Perry had been open about his battles with addiction, especially in a book he dropped in November 2022. He’d been clean for 19 months before his passing, despite being a heavy tobacco user for years. His ‘Friends’ co-star, Jennifer Aniston, mentioned chatting with him the day he died and said he seemed happy, healthy, and had quit smoking.

Wrapping It Up

Matthew Perry’s story is a reminder of how tricky mental health treatments can be and how they might come with risks. Ketamine might help some folks, but if it’s used wrong or for fun, it can cause real harm, as we saw here. This whole situation tells us how crucial it is to understand and handle meds properly, especially when they’re not under a doc’s watch.